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Renae Bowman

My personal story

Life, Faith, Confidence

I’m a lover of everything Jesus!  How can I not be?  His grace, His love and His forgiveness changed this beaten down sinner into a confident, joyous believer.  


I’ve hit the middle aged mark—ugh—but I love my life!  I have wrinkles where I don’t want them and a metabolism that would lose a race to a snail, but my blessings far outnumber my problems—they always will.  I belly-laugh at just about anything, will never turn down a hug, and will always offer a smile to someone who needs it. 

The ocean is my happy-place; if you know, you know. My second happy-place is the 40x40 plot of dirt I call my garden.  I've turned into a pioneer woman of sorts; as what my family labels me now. I'm sowing, growing, and storing.  Never in a million years did I think I would I be studying recipes on canning! Yet, here I am.  I feel the connection of back-to-basics.  Growing a big, fat, beefsteak tomato awkwardly gives me so much satisfaction. Don't judge! wink. 

Interestingly enough, God has used that space to speak to my heart. He gave me a storyteller's heart long ago, and now, once again, has prompted me to share. That is where this blog was created.  His prompting has led me here to spend time with you. 

Speaking of family, I've been by the side of a man and his three children for nearly 25 years.  We make our home in Southern California while enjoying the so-called retired life.  The kids have moved on, but now we get to sit back and watch them soar.  Our names have changed to Oma and Papa and we wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Short of a decade ago, I put away a 23-year career of public service and jumped into ministry to share the grace and glory of God to as many women as possible. I have written, blogged, been on stage, and prayed with countless of women--all of us sharing the same struggles, joys, and richness of our Savior.   


I am not an expert of the Word. I am not a scholar of the Bible. I get life wrong more times than I get it right.  But I am a daughter of the King and your sister in Christ.  That qualifies us both to seek Jesus together.  My hope is that we collectively learn the Word more, live it even deeper, and share it ever bolder.


May the greatness of our Lord enrich and shape our lives as we spend this precious time together. 

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