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What Now?

Hopefully, by now, all the Christmas decorations have been put away. Hopefully! haha.

Although, I was told about a nativity scene that was stuck in the depths of snow storms that didn’t relent till March! Poor Mary and Joseph were shoulder height in the wet stuff for months! That’s quite a new twist on a cold, far away manger we sing about.

So what now?

What now, with the baby-Jesus all tucked back into the attic storage boxes for a year, and the man-Jesus staring us in the face as we head towards Easter Sunday? Bunnies have replaced the reindeers; the bright reds and golds have given way to pastel yellows and pinks; carrots instead of icicles.

What now?

Is God a mere porcelain figure that sits out for 30 days in the winter, or is He the risen Savior that took a cross for the world’s sins? I think it’s an honest question to all of us.

Have we lowered the Creator of the world to only a season, or have we elevated Him to our hearts for our lives?

Easter Sunday is about these very questions. And I know I’m in good company when I ask us this. Someone else asked the same exact thing:

Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do people say I am?”

They answered, “Some say John the Baptist, others say Elijah, still others Jeremiah, or one of the prophets.”

“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

Peter answered, “You are the Christ. The son of the living God!”

Jesus replied, “Blessed are you Peter, for this was not revealed to you by man but by my father.” Matthew 16:13-17

I know this can make many uncomfortable, but that’s Jesus for you! Jesus isn’t concerned about your comfort in the questions, He’s concerned about your life in the answers. Jesus’ time on earth was for a purpose. He wasn’t just some sandal-wearing, hippie-looking, homeless guy wandering the streets of middle-eastern towns. He was the living God, in human form, doing the work of the Father, to ensure YOU and I have a life with Him for all of eternity. That’s huge. That’s project-driven. That’s the ultimate purpose driven life. Not for His life—for our lives.

“But what about you? Who do you say I am?”

May I encourage you during these upcoming days of Holy Week, to ponder this question often. If you’ve walked awhile, or just beginning, it is a question that begs to be answered? Who is Jesus to you? Who do you say He is (in your life)? He’s not asking to hear an answer, He is asking to have your heart.

And to the one who may be reading this, that has never wanted to answer that question, but wants to—today, right now, right where you are, it doesn’t take much, offer up these simple words heavenward —Lord Jesus, here’s my heart. I give it freely. I’ve been away too long, but no more. Come into my life. Forgive me and be my Savior.

(If you chose those words, I beg of you to message me. I absolutely beg of you! Go to the contact page and send me a private message and I will joyfully connect with you.)

Dear friends, Easter week is a glorious time of reflection. It is the culmination of everything God had planned. Our lives were saved and our eternity was guaranteed. On that beautiful Sunday, you were given the assurance of life everlasting. Reflect and renew this week. And take time to hear Jesus ask—But who do you say I am?


Lord Jesus, thank you, thank you, thank you—for the Cross and for Sunday. May we always see both as the greatest gifts ever given. Take hold of our hearts and take hold of our lives. Draw us close.


"When our lives are filled with peace, faith, and joy, people will want to know what we have."

David Jeremiah


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