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Willing To Move

I inherited this plant.

Her official name is Pilea Peperomioides. Her common name, Chinese Money Plant.

Let me say off the bat, I am not an indoor plant kind of gal. Give me an outdoor garden any day, but inside plants—I am a mess. It’s more like a cross your fingers and hope for a generally good outcome, kind of thing.

This plant. When she got here, she was beautiful. Full, luscious, growing, thriving. Her stems and leaves consumed the whole pot, and just absolutely beautified the space she was in. Our daughter brought her. Both stayed with us a while. She was displayed proudly in their bedroom (the plant, not my daughter!!). But then our daughter left, and I inherited the plant. It remained where it had been placed. And it eventually stopped looking like it did before. All the checking I’d do, the watering I’d give, the little pep talks I encouraged—the leaves still fell, and the hardiness waned…until I decided to move her.

You should’ve seen the day I put her in the living room and into more sun. Well, actually you have—that picture, is on that day. It’s as if an army general called her to attention—she stood straight up and seemed to smile. She finally had what she needed--direct light. My watering was spot on, the pep talks were spot on, the beautiful display was spot on—but she needed something more than I could give her—more light.

I don’t know if anyone else can relate, but do you feel this so many times? You’re doing everything you should be doing, but something is just keeping you from flourishing. You feel it. You look around and see that where you’ve been placed was so good, and beautiful, and right...but now it’s not. Now, you’re going through the motions, and it feels so different from the not-too-long-ago.

Oh, friends, I am there with those that raised their hands and said—“me!”

I’ve had to ask myself lately, where is my life-giving-light coming from? Where am I getting the source that is feeding my growth? Am I near the greatest south-facing window there is, or am I stuck in a light-spattered space that I didn’t expect?

Those are genuine questions I have asked myself. And so that means, since we’re all friends, I get to ask us collectively. Where is our greatest life-giving source coming from?

My little Miss Pilea instinctivly knows what she needs. She instinctively knows, deep down in her DNA, that she needs sunlight for every process of her mitochondria to develop and grow and give her life. It's deep. It's a part of every make up of her little plant life.

We do, too, friends.

We do, too!

God placed deep into our being that we need Him for our source of living. We need the daily, if not hourly, if not second-by-second, filtering from Jesus. He's made sure, we need to be moved to where He shines the most.

So let me ask.

Where do you need to be moved to?

Where is your south-facing-window that brings in every bit of light from God that can be absorbed?

Is it towards determined alone time?

Is it towards relished reading?

Is it towards God-centered people?

Is it towards purposeful prayer time?

Where will bring you more God?

Find it!

Be willing to be moved, so you can be filled!

If we want to flourish, and grow, and thrive, then we must take what we know in our core, and find the true Source that will make all of that happen. When those unwieldy times of life hit, when we can't quite put our finger on the reasons why so much feels shaded, we need to move MORE towards the Light that gives life.

"I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life." John 8:12

God, Abba, we get so busy with life that we forget we need more of You—not less. Help us move, Lord. Help us move more towards You. Be our endless Source, and fill us and feed us that we may grow and flourish in the life You gave us.

Thank you, precious Father!


"When our lives are filled with peace, faith, and joy, people will want to know what we have."

David Jeremiah


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