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Victory Garden

Where to begin? Where to start? I guess I could take a cue from the Creator of the universe and start in the garden. If it’s fitting for Him, I guess it could work for me.

Soul to Seed began in a garden. Or should I say, the garden began Soul to Seed. I’ve taken on this Pioneer-ish Woman type of character and have fully immersed myself into learning all things basic. I haven’t reached the level of churning my own butter, yet, but I’m not ruling it out, either.

A handful of years ago I put together a rudimentary garden. Over time, I sorta worked at it—grew when I wanted, and shrugged when I didn’t. Frustration often outranked success. Then 2020 hit. I had extra time. I got bored. I got inspired. I got energized. My husband got scared.

A couple trips to the hardware store, a few stops at the lumber yard, and a few pencil drawings—a defined garden was created. It took several days, a lot of sweat, and a few choice words when things didn’t go as planned, but my garden evolved. Raised boxes, railed fences, double gates, drip water lines—it was our masterpiece. When we were finished, we stepped back and marveled at our hard work. Others saw it and labeled it a Victory Garden--a term I hadn't known, but came to admire.

Book one, chapter one, third day—God created a masterpiece; His own Garden. Everything He wanted, everything He designed, everything He plotted out came together in those first few days of existence. And He stood back and marveled at His work… “and God saw that it was good." Gen 1:12

My time in my garden feels like time with God. I know for those that can’t stand a speck of dirt under their nails, this all sounds whacky. But, when I think of the two--my masterpiece and God’s masterpiece--I can’t help but blend them together. I can’t tell you how many times I have stood on the outside looking in and simply thought…“and Renae saw that it was good.”

And that’s why Soul to Seed was born. I’ve written before. I’ve blogged before. I took a break. But, I felt it time to share again what God puts on my heart. Not in arrogance of a creator, but in humility of a believer. I felt and heard the prompting of the Spirit to share again about the goodness of God, joy of Jesus, and the Hope of our faith. And here I am.

Soul to Seed speaks of the very words by our Savior—that we become rich and fertile believers who cling to the seeds of truth that we know, then live our lives so abundantly in the Word that we can’t help but bear fruit to others.

I want that for all of us! I want us to become such faith-based women that others ask us, "what’s up?". I want us to be able to claim victory over the badness of our lives. To claim victory over the doubts, and the fears, and the mistakes that hold us back from sharing Jesus. I want us all to stand in our own victory gardens of our lives and say, "it is good" while we claim the Victory of God that is promised to each and every one of us.


Lord, help us to get our hands dirty tilling the soil of our hearts, to make a fertile ground for you to come in, take root, and change us forever.

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1 Comment

I feel that the Hope Filled Road has been reborn. Let it all fill our hearts with gladness and Faith.


"When our lives are filled with peace, faith, and joy, people will want to know what we have."

David Jeremiah


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